“Things you need to work from home.”

  • new outfits
  • fancy desks, lamps, chairs
  • headphones that make you look like your not wearing headphones, but at the same time speakers, Bluetooth or otherwise
  • water bottles so that you don’t have to get up as much
  • coffee mugs just because
  • special candles
  • gemstones
  • fancy pens – you shouldn’t have to settle for just anything
  • fragrance diffusers
  • special lightbulbs
  • armchairs for thought moments
  • phone holders
  • office blankets
  • a hat – for video calls when your hair just isn’t right
  • humidifiers
  • shoes to keep your feet clean?
  • capsules and extracts for focus
  • more water bottles
  • and let’s not forget a handheld vacuum

These, and so much more, are the things you need to work from home according to social media and blog posts made note of around the internet.

Let’s stop overcomplicating working from home. You don’t need to buy a bunch of stuff in order to work from home comfortably.

Before making a purchase for your home office or workspace, ask yourself if whatever it is is going to add value to your workday in a meaningful way; or is it going to be used once or twice and be forgotten?

You don’t need the latest AirPods to get the best out of your video calls.

You don’t need new outfits to look your best on camera – wear what you would if seeing who you’re meeting in person.

You don’t need a bunch of new furniture – only an appropriate chair and a surface to work on.

Many of these things you likely already have around your home, or at least a suitable substitute. You don’t need to pay top dollar for the bells and whistles and you certainly don’t need them.

If it’s something you want, just be honest with yourself about it and make sure to shop with intention.